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Technology  Capabilities

Providing clients with innovative products with proven manufacturing capabilities.

Custom Scientific Injection Molding

Injection Molding Pic 1.jpg
Injection Molding pic 2.jpg

Molding machine tonages ranging from 45 ton to 1000 ton, composed of both fully electric to fully hydraulic, including robotic part extraction capabilities, specializing in engineering materials, clear lens, light piping and high temperature materials. 

Abrasion-Resistant Hard Coating

IMG_1150 - Hard Coat Inside.jpg
IMG_1141 - Hard Coat Spraying.jpg

Used on both interior and exterior products to prevent degradation due to the sun’s Ultra-Violet (UV) effect and to maintain clarity. High solids help firms comply with low VOC standards, while giving parts outstanding hardness, chemical resistance, scratch resistance and impact resistance.

We also are one of the few US-based companies that offer masked and unmasked UV-curable, robotically sprayed, abrasion-resistant hard coating for large and small batch projects.

Rapid Prototyping


We offer rapid prototyping utilizing 3D printing to create prototype molds that allow sample parts to be created with production material and on production equipment. This enables customers to quickly identify potential concerns with a part’s form, fit, or function, before moving on to the manufacture of production molds and mass production.

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Gas-Assisted Injection Molding

IMG_0801 - Gas Assist Picture.JPG
IMG_6759 - Gas Assist Foot Board.JPG

Developed to overcome the limitations of conventional molding and the most effective method for applying low pressure to reduce part weight and reduce clamp tonnage required for molding.

Insert Molding / Over Molding

IMG_0147 - Overmolding.JPG
IMG_0844 - XPS Main Scroll.jpg

Ability to insert reinforcing metals, mounting features or dis-similar materials into injection molded plastic parts.

Small Assemblies

Assembly pic 1.jpg
Assembly pic 2.jpg

State-of-the art robotic solutions minimize errors, inconsistencies of manual operations and results in improved accuracy of production output.

Pad Printing


Pad printing allows us to take your 2-D image and transfer it to your injection molded part. Utilizing 2 Trans Tech Orion 130’s and if your part needs treated prior to print, we have a 6 axis robotic plasma treater. If you would like to know more please contact us.



Hilco Technologies offers support services for your project from our highly trained engineering staff including: materials selection, project consulting, tooling management, program management, design support, Solidworks and Autodesk® mold flow.

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