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Industries  Served

Providing diverse industries with innovative products since 1947.

Medical Equipment


Hilco produces a large variety of parts for the medical industry. Some projects include hospital room beds, side tables, over bed tables and wheel chairs and other in-hospital equipment. 


Many of the parts are cosmetic in nature and in full view of patients and hospital staff alike, usually custom colored per the customer requirements.


Hilco also produces a line of color coded plastic gages used to provide the surgeon with the correct size of metal knee replacement to be used.

Aerospace & Defense

Helicopter Cockpit
IMG_0157 - Military 2.JPG

Historically, Hilco has produced several products over many decades for the military as well as the aerospace industries. Gun stocks and components, triggers and flight gage lenses are among the parts in this category.

Lighting (Optical Lens & Covers)

Maxima - Pic Industries Page.jpg
F150 - Pic Industries Page.jpg

Hilco produces a variety of parts for the automotive industry including fog lenses, park & turn lenses, light pipes and many other parts.

Furniture Manufacturing

STK IMG_1111 - Furniture 1.jpg
STK IMG_2222 - Furniture 2.jpg

As Western Michigan is a large office furniture hub, Hilco produces parts for office desk chairs, including the seats and backs that eventually get upholstered, as well as sitting stools designed with a rounded base for movements allowing tilt and swivel.

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